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Settling In

This is the most important part of a child’s introduction to their Nursery, for this reason it should be carefully planned.

We recommend a settling-in week prior to the child’s start date, to give both children and parents a chance to adjust to a nursery in a relaxed way.

Coming to the Nursery is an exciting, happy and sometimes a scary experience.

The settling-in week is free of charge and allows both you and your child to become familiar with nursery life and your child to gradually get used to coming to the Nursery and leaving you, their parent.

How It Works

We suggest that in the beginning a parent stays with the child for short visits to the Nursery, later as the child becomes more confident, the parent can leave the Nursery for a short time, making this period longer each time, until the child stays for a full session without the parent.

Making The Arrangements

The settling-in period usually lasts for one week, but you can discuss with the Nursery Manager and the child’s key person so it can be tailored to you and your child’s needs.The exact program for each settling-in period will depend on the individual child.